The Urban

The Urban

Rectangular model with cupola. A comfortable and durable sun shelter. Its refined look matches even the most stylish spaces. Available in several sizes and configurations, it provides you with the ideal space for sharing truly beautiful evenings.


The warmth of the wood

The wood finish adds a unique flair to all our Urbain/Urban sun shelters. As you may have guessed, the wood is cedar.

The basics

The stonework at the column bases not only gives your garden shelter a feeling of stability, but also hides most of the anchoring.

To suit your taste

You choose the dimensions, colours, stains, stones, surfaces, etc. If you can’t find your ideal shelter among our existing configurations, we will adapt one to suit you!

Practical design

Several fittings feature grooves for electrical wiring.

Find a display model near you

Your choice:

  • Dimensions: 10×10, 10×12, 12×12, 12×14, 12×16, custom
  • With or without flooring
  • Stained or natural wood
  • Installation service or DIY kit
  • Roof covering: cedar shingles, asphalt shingles, galvanized steel (seven colours)
  • Corrugated or straight wood moulding
  • And more!


Walls and shutters

To shield you from the sun, wind, or neighbours’ gazes, walls and shutters can be easily integrated into your new sun shelter.

Infrared heater

With its three intensity settings, built-in LED light, and remote control, this heater will help you get the most out of your evenings and seasons.

Double columns

A simple and aesthetic alternative to central columns, which are necessary for larger models.

Ambiance kit

A set of recessed LED light fixtures installed in your gazebo’s beams.

Steps for good project results

  • Choice of model, size, configuration, add-ons, etc.
  • Contract signing; determining of delivery and installation dates
  • Plan design and drawings for permits
  • Foundation preparation (if needed)
  • Factory manufacturing and staining
  • Delivery and same-day installation by our experienced installers; or build it yourself
  • Technical support by telephone, Facetime, Skype, Facebook, or in person

Our warranties​

  • 10-year parts and labour* (foundation criteria must be met)
  • 2 full years parts and labour on everything
  • Manufacturer warranty on steel coverings and asphalt shingles
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