1 - What sizes of gazebos are available?

Gazebec offers a wide selection of gazebo models with different styles and dimensions. You can easily view the available sizes by visiting the Gazebos section of our website. You can see in the dropdown menu of each product sheet the standard sizes available for our gazebos.

Do your project needs differ from the displayed sizes? We are the manufacturer, so we offer great flexibility in terms of available sizes, materials, and styles.

Models such as the Urbain or Intimité are available in sizes:

10 ft x 10 ft 10 ft x 12 ft 12 ft x 12 ft 12 ft x 14 ft 12 ft x 16 ft 12 ft x 18 ft 12 ft x 20 ft.

But it’s possible to choose a custom size at any time.

Models such as Agora, Pavillon, Rapsodie, and Renaissance vary and will be available in diameters ranging from 10 ft to 18 ft depending on the chosen model.

2 - What sizes of sheds are available?

What sizes of sheds are available? The possibilities for shed sizes are extremely varied. If we’re talking about standard style sheds, this will include several of our models such as Atelier, Contemporain, Calèche, and barn sheds. You can find sizes ranging from:

6 ft x 8 ft 8 ft x 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft, or 16 ft. 10 ft x 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft, 18 ft, and 20 ft. 12 ft x 12 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft, 18 ft, 20 ft, 22 ft, 24 ft, 26 ft, 28 ft, 32 ft, and 36 ft. 14 ft x 20 ft, 24 ft, 28 ft, 32 ft, and 36 ft.

Designer style sheds are available in the Calèche, Atelier, and Grange models, and will be available in sizes ranging from:

8 ft x 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft, or 16 ft. 10 ft x 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft, 18 ft, or 20 ft. 12 ft x 12 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft, 18 ft, 20 ft, 22 ft, 24 ft, 26 ft, 28 ft, 32 ft, 36 ft, or 40 ft. 14 ft x 20 ft, 24 ft, 28 ft, 32 ft, 36 ft, or 40 ft.

Cape Cod sheds are available in sizes:

8 ft x 12 ft, 14 ft, or 16 ft. 10 ft x 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft, 18 ft, or 20 ft. 12 ft x 12 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft, 18 ft, 20 ft, 22 ft, 24 ft, 26 ft, 28 ft, 32 ft, 36 ft, or 40 ft. 14 ft x 20 ft, 24 ft, or 28 ft.

Cabana sheds are available in sizes:

8 ft x 12 ft, 14 ft, or 16 ft. 10 ft x 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft, 18 ft, or 20 ft. 12 ft x 12 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft, 18 ft, 20 ft, 22 ft, 24 ft, 26 ft, 28 ft, 32 ft, 36 ft, or 40 ft. 14 ft x 20 ft, 24 ft, or 28 ft.

In all cases, we also make custom models according to your needs. Request a quote for your project by contacting one of our experts at 1-877-293-8181.

3 - How long does it take to install a gazebo?

Since our gazebos are pre-fabricated in the factory, we only need a few hours to complete the installation. To see the speed of installation of one of our gazebos, click here to watch the video.

4 - What warranty does Gazebec offer?

Gazebec offers a warranty of:

10 years for materials and labor on the structure* of its gazebos (foundation criteria must be respected).

2 full years for materials and labor on everything.

Manufacturer’s warranty on steel coverings and asphalt shingles.

5 - What foundation should I choose for my gazebo or shed?

There are several types of foundations available for your gazebo or shed. Whether it’s a paved or concrete slab, the important thing is to ensure stability and level the ground to accommodate your structure.

Usually, our gazebos are built directly on the ground. If your land is not highly uneven, our installers will provide cement blocks to place under your floor and level your gazebo.

If your land is uneven, it is recommended to add a geotextile and 6 inches of compacted 0-3/4 rocks so that we can place the structure. This will prevent water accumulation under your gazebo or shed.

Gazébec’s warranty will also depend on your foundations. Discuss this with our experts before your gazebo is delivered to ensure that your foundation is compliant.

It is important to note that the choice of foundation will also depend on the type of soil and weather conditions in your region. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a professional to help you choose the best option for your situation.

6 - Can you install large soft mosquito nets on my gazebo?

We do not install this type of product as we could not guarantee their compliance and durability. Most of the time these products break quickly. If you want to install them yourself, it is possible to do so on models like the Urbain, but Gazébec does not offer this service. In return, we have several models of closed wooden gazebos that could meet your need for protection against mosquitoes. Visit the Gazebos section to learn more

7 - What are the prices of your sheds?

 The prices of sheds vary depending on their size, materials, and also finishing options.

For standard sheds: prices range from $5,775 for a 6 ft x 8 ft Atelier or Contemporary shed and can go up to $30,000 for a 14 ft x 36 ft Barn or Carriage style model.

The Atelier, Barn or Carriage model of 8 ft x 8 ft will start around $8,425 and can go up to $31,475 for a size of 14 ft x 40 ft.

For Cape Cod sheds: depending on the materials you choose between Smartside, Vinyl, Maibec or Canexel, prices range from $11,850 for an 8 ft x 12 ft in SmartSide to $33,400 for a 14 ft x 28 ft in Canexel.

For Cabana sheds: Depending on the materials you choose between Smartside, Vinyl, Maibec or Canexel, prices range from $7,425 for an 8 ft x 8 ft in SmartSide to $38,400 for a 14 ft x 40 ft in Canexel.

If you want to learn more about sheds and their prices, you can contact our experts at 1-877-293-8181 who can help you with finishing options, dimensions, and available models.

8 - How do I install a weather vane on my roof?

 If you have a cupola:

The weather vane will be attached inside the cupola, which in turn will be fixed to your roof.

If you are installing the weather vane directly on your roof, a support that can be fixed directly onto your roof is sold separately at a cost of $95 plus tax. This support is adjustable and will adapt to any type of roof slope.

9 - How to install a coupola?

Gazebec does not offer the installation service for domes. Please contact your construction contractor or roofing contractor of your choice.

10 - What should be the size of the access to my property to install a gazebo or a shed?

Gazebec prefabricates its structures in the factory in order to simplify the installation process. This allows us to come and install your gazebo or shed in any environment. The spacing required to bring our prefabricated structures of walls or roof onto your property corresponds to the dimension of a standard outdoor fence door (approximately 48 inches). The complete assembly will then be done at the location you have predetermined.

11 - Should I level my land before receiving my gazebo or shed?

You must indeed level the ground, compact it slightly, and add a layer of rock dust, paving stones, or in the case of a shed, crushed stones of type 3/4 clean in order to accommodate your structure. Also, make sure that your structure does not rest directly on poorly drained soil. It is also important to ensure that your installation is not made on a negative slope of your land, which would cause water to accumulate under your gazebo and could degrade the wood prematurely.

12 - What are the delivery times for my gazebo or shed after purchase?

Once you have confirmed the purchase of your gazebo or shed, a member of our team can schedule an installation/delivery appointment with you. The lead times may vary from 4 weeks for standard gazebo models to up to 2 months. Sheds have a lead time of 4 weeks, which can go up to 8 weeks.

If you have a custom order request, lead times may be slightly longer.

Note that to have an exact estimate of lead time, you can contact our Gazébec experts at 1-877-293-8181.

13 - Do I need a permit to build my gazebo or shed?

 This will depend on the municipality. We recommend that you check the municipal regulations in your area.

14 - Are your cedar wood gazebos sturdy?

Yes, absolutely! Our red cedar wood gazebos are sturdy, and all plans have been certified by engineers.

Gazébec also holds a general contractor RBQ license. License number RBQ: 5755-0154-01.

You can be reassured by the strength and durability of your investment!

15 - How much do installation and transport of your gazebos cost?

The installation price is available on our website, depending on the model and size you select. You can choose whether or not to have your cedar wood gazebo installed. We offer the option of purchasing a DIY kit for those who want to handle the installation themselves. However, please note that Gazébec strongly recommends having your gazebo installed by our experts, even for experienced construction personnel.

For custom gazebos, a member of our team will evaluate installation costs and provide you with the amount on your final quote.

As for transportation, our experts will also calculate the costs associated with delivery based on several factors.

When you receive your final quote for your gazebo, the amount for installation and delivery will be included.

16 - How do I maintain the polymer windows of my cedar wood gazebo?

The polymer windows of your gazebo are easily maintained with a product such as “Bon Ami” or any other glass cleaner that is ammonia-free.

17 - How should I prepare my gazebo for winter?

You don’t have to do anything to prepare your gazebo structure for winter. Our gazebos are designed for Quebec winters and require no maintenance. However, you can remove the mosquito nets to prevent damage or stretching of the mesh in case of freezing rain, for example.

The polymer windows can remain in place without any issues. Additionally, this will allow you to use your gazebo to store your outdoor furniture or other accessories away from the elements.

18 - The poles of my gazebo have cracks, is this normal?

 Yes, it is normal. Wood being a living natural material, it will be affected by certain external factors such as humidity, heat, sunlight, etc. What is important to know is that these cracks in the wood have no impact on the strength and integrity of the structure. The superficial splits especially on the 6″ x 6″ posts will have no impact other than aesthetic. Your gazebo will remain stable and solid, guaranteed!

19 - The color of my cedar wood gazebo has changed, is this normal?

Absolutely! Western red cedar has the property of changing color when exposed to sunlight. It will therefore change from a light beige color to a silver gray color. It is important to know that this type of wood has many advantages, especially in terms of durability, resistance to mold and rot, repellent to wood-boring insects and much more. The change in color will not impact the longevity or strength of your gazebo in any way.

20 - Am I obligated to stain my gazebo?

No, not at all! But as mentioned in the previous question, your Western red cedar wood will change color over time to become a silver gray color.

21 - How do I maintain my cedar gazebo?

Gazebec recommends staining the gazebo to maintain the aesthetic quality you chose initially. We recommend staining the parts exposed to the sun (only on the outside) in the year following the installation of your gazebo. After that, you can stain it every 3 years. The floors can also be stained according to your tastes and only if you want to refresh the initial stain.

22 - What size of cupola do I need?

 The norm is that for every continuous foot of roof, the cupola should be 1″ to 1 1/2″ wide. Generally, it is preferable and more attractive to have a wider cupola relative to this norm.

23 - Who takes care of installing the cupolas?

 All roofing contractors will be able to install your cupola for you. Gazebec does not offer this service, but we are willing and happy to provide you with all the necessary instructions for its installation.

24 - What is the purpose of having a cupola?

A cupola is an excellent alternative to modern roof ventilation systems because it provides much better air circulation to reduce attic humidity. They can also be used for decorative purposes by adding a traditional touch to any home, barn, or garage.

25 - Do you deliver cupolas and weathervanes?

Yes, we deliver everywhere in Quebec but also in the rest of Canada. Ask your Gazebec expert for a price for your delivery.

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