The Intimacy

Rectangular model with cupola, decorative door, and polymer window mosquito netting. The ideal spa shelter.




Rectangular model with cupola, decorative door, and polymer window mosquito netting.

The ideal spa shelter that will allow you to enjoy your spa while mosquitos are kept at bay. Its optional polymer windows will also protect your privacy.

Gazébec products are proudly manufactured in Quebec and made entirely of western red cedar.

  • Floor structure: 2×6
  • Floor covering: 5/4×6 grooved
  • Wall structure: 2×4
  • First roof structure: 2×4
  • Roof covering: 3/4″ planks and cedar shingles
  • Mosquito netting with aluminum frames

Build your Intimacy

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A solid investment

Western red cedar is recognized as one of the most beautiful, stable, and durable wood species; we use it to make our gazebos from top to bottom.
Plancher embouveté pour éviter de laisser passer les moustiques


Our groove flooring will prevent mosquitos from invading and ruining your wonderful evenings. You will also notice that the screws are hidden from view.
Fenêtres de polymère et moustiquaires, tout ce qu'il faut pour rendre votre gazébo confortable à souhait


The sliding polymer windows, available in tinted or clear panes, will allow you to enjoy your cedar gazebo for as long as you want. They match the mosquito netting set that is also included with this model.

Practical design

Several fittings feature grooves for electrical wiring.

Your choice:

  • Dimension 10′×10′, 10′×12′, 12′×12′, 12′×14′, 12′×16′, custom…
  • With or without flooring
  • Stained or natural wood
  • Installation service or DIY kit
  • Roof covering: cedar shingles, asphalt shingles, galvanized steel (seven colours)
  • Tinted or clear polymer windows
  • Corrugated or straight wood moulding
  • Number and style of doors
  • And more!


Les lumières d'ambiance sont un incontournable pour une ambiance chaleureuse

Ambiance kit

A set of recessed LED light fixtures for the upper walls or floor of your gazebo. They turn on automatically at sunset.
Chauffrette infrarouge suspendue pour l'intérieur de votre gazébo en bois de cèdre de Gazébec

Infrared heater

With its three intensity settings, built-in LED light, and remote control, this heater will help you get the most out of your evenings and seasons.

Double doors

Whether it’s to move furniture more easily, have a larger opening to your yard, or simply for aesthetics, double doors are always a great choice.

Steps for good project results

  • Choice of model, size, configuration, add-ons, etc.
  • Contract signing; determining of delivery and installation dates
  • Plan design and drawings for permits
  • Foundation preparation (if needed)
  • Factory manufacturing and staining
  • Delivery and same-day installation by our experienced installers; or build it yourself
  • Technical support by telephone, Facetime, Skype, Facebook, or in person

Our warranties

  • 10-year parts and labour* (foundation criteria must be met)
  • 2 full years parts and labour on everything
  • Manufacturer warranty on steel coverings and asphalt shingles